Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Six in a row...

The Spirit made a number of roster changes today: Blakely was jettisoned, Rea left the team, and Davilla was removed from the roster; Luis Lopez, a veteran 1B with MLB experience, was added to the team, and Jerson Perez made his return.

I do NOT like losing Blakely as he was one of our few power threats and was producing fairly well despite his low average. I especially dislike giving him up for nothing. Rea, whatever. Vic evidently is going with the 'play every now and then' plan. He really ought to just come back permanantly as he is clearly our best hitter. This Luis Lopez cat seems like a pretty good player.

Gilbert Gil played LF tonight as the Spirit are down to three 'natural outfielders' in Rodriguez, Weed and Balkan. I'd imagine that that will change eventually... I find it hard to believe that the Spirit will keep carrying so many pitchers.

Despite all the changes, however, one thing did not change: The Spirit remain on a roll. Matt Bishop was not dominant tonight by any stretch of the imagination. He was chased in the 6th inning with a 4-2 lead after putting the tying runs on base. But the bullpen (D-Rob, McNamara, Langdon and Drage) finished the job and got Bishop the win as North Shore won 7-4.

Carlos Rodriguez made the big blow early in the game with a 3RBI double in the first inning. Gary Roche also had one of his best games of the season, driving in three runs of his own including a 2RBI double in the 7th.

The Spirit controlled the game from start to finish. It only got a bit shaky when Shawn McNamara struggled in the 8th, giving up 2 runs and letting the Cutters get back into the game. It's safe to say that he is a concern at this point, along with Jamie Baker. The rest of the bullpen has been excellent, however.

A 4th of July battle against New Haven comes tomorrow night at 7. Seven in a row anyone?


wooden said...

Blakely released = It would appear that Bryan Morse must be coming off the DL

Vic out, Jerson in = Vic may be the best bat, but he probably also understands that Gil/Perez is a stronger defensive combo

Josue yea, no Rea = Rea was a NDFA stiff with a last-place team in the Carolina League, so no surprise, really.

3 OF = Fischer may be on his way back

Joe Grav said...

atlantic city will trade him back just because we need someone? doubtful.

And with Morse coming off the DL can't we just get rid of that Josue Matos guy? He's good but I'd rather have Blakely... I'd also rather have Blakely than Perez. I'd also rather have Davilla than Perez, although I understand that Vic is serious about being retired (for the most part).

Josh said...

I was looking on The Baseball Cube for Luis Loopez. Which one is he??

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant Lopez.

wooden said...

AC needs pitching, NSS is owed a PTBNL and could spare some pitching... All I'm saying is that Kunion has a history of trading for him.

By my count, there are only 19 active players on the roster, 20 if you include the latest Jose -- what gives?

Joe Grav said...

There are 21 players. Morse's return makes 22. But it also makes 12 pitchers, 10 position players.

I'm guessing one of the pitchers (Shawn McNamara? no info here, just a hunch) is about to be jettisoned and the Spirit will find another outfielder.